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The reason for our success is our passions

The story of Academic Tour has started with organized domestic cultural tours to famous cities in Turkey in 1993. It is one of the most successful tourism agencies with organized tours to more than 70 destinations and with more than 600 domestic tourists, with its’ 27-year experience in the tourism market.

Then ıt has started to organize the outgoing tours for that can meet the demands of ıts clients. It has organized tours to 30 different destinations in the globe with more than 200 tourists in ıts 7 years outgoing experience, and it has succeeded to be one of the best outgoing agencies today.

We are ready to have success in incoming services. We decided to create our incoming department because of the demand of our international partners who knows we work selflessly. Everyone knows that success needs passion and tenacity, Rome has not been built at one night. Our success is not a coincidence.

We agree that we are young in the incoming market but that means is not we’re a beginner. We have 27 years of experience in the domestic market. So we completely know the importance of and need of our clients. We have a huge network in Turkey and also in the globe. We work together with the reputable tour companies in the domestic and international tourism market.

We are ready to be the host for your travel to Turkey with our Professional and multi languaged personal.

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