Turkey is the birthplace of human history, the bridge of Asia between Europe. Turkey has colourful cultural texture because of its matchless location in the globe. It hosted many civilizations and also mythology for centuries. From fertile crescent of human being, Mesopotamia, to Ida (Kazdağları) mountain of God in mythology. You can experience history, mythology and unique cultures of Turkey. Not only the historic and cultural richness of Turkey, but also many places where has the perfect natural areas for health and wellness, waiting for you. For example, Kazdagları has one of the highest oxygen levels in the globe, The Black Sea region one the greenest places. If you want to be healthier, you have another reason to come to Turkey. More than a holiday, you will increase your awareness of different cultures and history, you will have amazing natural and historical views furthermore you will feel healthier. Don’t wait to have an amazing travel experience, just create contact with us.



First of all we have many experiences that make us the best. We know how you can have unique holidays experience in Turkey because we know where unspoiled beauty of
Turkey and we work local specialist, Academic Tour travel's expert staff and professional service can provide you with tailor made holidays that meet all of your requirements.
We never take any chances because we want to offer the perfect vocation in Turkey. We organize the cultural routes created with our Professional guides and local specialists,
so you can visit the best parts of Turkey. Furthermore, we can create a special tour according to your special interests. Just say where you want to visit,
what kind of travel experience you want to have. Don’t waste your time to organize many details about travel and holiday.
We collaborate with the best suppliers, plus we observe the latest hosting market trends.

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